acyclic sheaf

ациклический пучок

English-Russian scientific dictionary. 2008.

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  • Sheaf cohomology — In mathematics, sheaf cohomology is the aspect of sheaf theory, concerned with sheaves of abelian groups, that applies homological algebra to make possible effective calculation of the global sections of a sheaf F. This is the main step, in… …   Wikipedia

  • Injective sheaf — In mathematics, injective sheaves of abelian groups are used to construct the resolutions needed to define sheaf cohomology (and other derived functors, such as sheaf Ext .). There is a further group of related concepts applied to sheaves: flabby …   Wikipedia

  • Crystalline cohomology — In mathematics, crystalline cohomology is a Weil cohomology theory for schemes introduced by Alexander Grothendieck (1966, 1968) and developed by Pierre Berthelot (1974). Its values are modules over rings of Witt vectors over the base… …   Wikipedia

  • De Rham–Weil theorem — In algebraic topology, the De Rham Weil theorem allows computation of sheaf cohomology using an acyclic resolution of the sheaf in question. Let be a sheaf on a topological space X and a resolution of by acyclic sheaves. Then where …   Wikipedia

  • Fibration — In mathematics, especially algebraic topology, a fibration is a continuous mapping:p:E o B,satisfying the homotopy lifting property with respect to any space. Fiber bundles (over paracompact bases) constitute important examples. In homotopy… …   Wikipedia

  • Leray's theorem — In algebraic geometry, Leray s theorem relates abstract sheaf cohomology with Cech cohomology.Let mathcal F be a sheaf on a topological space X and mathcal U={U i} a countable cover of X. If mathcal F is acyclic on every finite intersection of… …   Wikipedia

  • Grothendieck spectral sequence — In mathematics, in the field of homological algebra, the Grothendieck spectral sequence is a technique that allows one to compute the derived functors of the composition of two functors Gcirc F, from knowledge of the derived functors of F and G… …   Wikipedia

  • Homological algebra — is the branch of mathematics which studies homology in a general algebraic setting. It is a relatively young discipline, whose origins can be traced to investigations in combinatorial topology (a precursor to algebraic topology) and abstract… …   Wikipedia


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